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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a truly massive experience that deserves to be explored and discovered. But, it doesn’t hurt to learn who the masters of the Zelda world are either. Twitch Streamer Limealicious has provided us with her top tips for getting the most out of your TOTK experience.

Whether it’s killing enemies, searching the world, or just advancing the story, you can easily spend countless hours tripping over yourself and making mistakes.

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While this is certainly part of the experience, there is something to be said for making the journey easier with a single touch, and this is where an experienced player can help. So, we’ve tapped Twitch partner, Vtuber, and longtime Zelda fan Limealicious, to provide some important information.

From puzzles, shrines, shields, and Easter eggs, there’s plenty here to get you started in Kingdom Tears if you’re working your way through it as a new player. But even if you’ve already put hours and hours into it, these tips can still come in handy.

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We will now hand over the real expert Limealicious. You can check out her channel here as well to see a Zelda broadcast in action.


How to solve the hardest puzzles in Kingdom of Tears

The great thing about Tears of the Kingdom is that there isn’t a set way to solve most of the puzzles.

Puzzles can be solved in many different ways: while developers may have suggestions and may provide tools that nudge players in a certain direction, you can ignore them entirely and come up with a completely different solution with a very large percentage of the challenges the game sets for you.

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I’ve found that due to the huge variety of puzzles, viewers have vastly different experiences and stories as to which ones they struggle with!

For example, I personally struggle with visualization and spatial thinking, so I actually had a little problem with a couple of shrines that involved finding the correct angle to rotate the figure to pass through a certain gap in the wall. In this case, I’m back to trial and error a bit – but one of the good things about Tears of the Kingdom, is that it doesn’t usually punish you for too much experimentation!

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Shrine in Zelda's Tears KingdomNintendo

Top tips for finding shrines

One of the best ways to find Shrines is to take advantage of the game’s vast verticality. There are three different “maps” to explore within Kingdom Tears: the surface world of Hyrule, the depths, and the sky islands.

Getting up is one of the best ways to find objects on the map below. Sending yourself a Skyview tower is one of the best ways to do this, and while skydiving you can click the right stick to zoom in and select shrines. Time slows down while doing this, so it’s very useful.

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The other level, Depths, makes things easier. The depths are very dark by default but have light roots – which are used to reveal the map and light up the surrounding area. The sites of photogenic roots are associated with the shrines above. That is, you can find a group of them and then switch between the depth and surface locations to determine where their surface equivalents are located.

Roots of Light are usually easier to find than shrines because they glow in the dark and can be seen from a distance, although they can obstruct your vision.

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Build a boss in the Kingdom of Zelda's TearsNintendo

Tips for the most difficult areas in the tears of the kingdom

Since the game is completely open world, you have unlimited freedom in exactly how you want to handle sections of the game. If you’re struggling with anything in particular, leaving it and coming back to it later with upgraded armor, extra hearts, or better weapons is very helpful.

It’s also a good idea to cook with items that temporarily give you more max hearts like Hearty Truffles, or seek out fairies in the Sky Islands with a water source. As in other Zelda games, a fairy will greet you if you’re holding one when it takes fatal damage.

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For some of the harder flying bosses in the game, I highly recommend killing a few Keese for their wings and eyes in order to make homing arrows.

Link wear armor in Zelda's Tears KingdomNintendo

The best places for shields

The Depths is a great place to find different pieces of armor! As you traverse the depths, you’ll come across treasure chests on the platforms that often contain a new piece. In addition, you can collect Poes in the depths and trade them for various goodies, including armor.

If you explore the sky islands, you can also find chests there that contain treasure maps that point directly to these chests in the depths. Otherwise, most major cities will have an armor store that will generally have a set specific to the aesthetic or theme of the area, or in the case of very cold or very hot places, a local set of armor can be of great help against environmental hazards in the local area.

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Spoiler warning!

Take a trip to Link’s home in Hateno to get the Linked Armor Navigation Path!

Korok in Zelda's Tears for the KingdomNintendo

Easter eggs for Zelda fans to look for

Kingdom Tears is absolutely full of easter eggs and references! Many of the place names on the map are named after characters from the previous games. For example, Korok Forest contains a lake named after Ocarina of Times Sage of Forest Surya, and the bog is named after Link’s childhood bully, Meadow.

There is also an island nearby named after Makar from The Wind Waker. Similarly, two of the lakes near Zora’s Domain are named after Mikau and Lulu – the zora couple who keep their eggs (and in Mikau’s case, whose appearance they take on when wearing a zora’s mask) in Majora’s Mask.

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Plus, a lot of the armor pieces you can pick up in the depths are actually distinct outfits from previous tie-ins, such as the Tunic of Time (Ocarina). When cooking, Link will also channel various songs from throughout the series! He cycles through many different songs, including Saria’s song and Epona’s song.

For a list of Dexerto’s big guides for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, check out what we gave you below:

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